Fun with resin!

I’ve been playing with resin a lot lately and I gotta say… it’s been wonderfully messy and pretty great! I have learned some valuable lesson though… like when your glass container shatters from the heat of the resin and explodes almost solidified resin all over your wood flooring and your favorite outfit all you can

Controlled Chaos….

These hand painted dragon eyes are 50mm in diameter and are used for a variety of awesome things! The most popular, of course, is the notebooks that we make. They’re all hand done and one of a kind- I’ve made some that are just awesome.


We lost you in January of 2018. You had been with us for 17 years but time had caught up to you, my darling boy… and though you couldn’t see us anymore… and you couldn’t hear us anymore… and the only thing you felt comfort in was pacing around the house for hours on end

The Gutter Jesus.

One of my friends up north has a pretty healthy crew of minions and one day, she gets a frantic text from her oldest minion.  You see, the littlers can’t seem to put the house key back where it goes so the text from the oldest read as follows… ”WHY CANT THEY PUT THE KEY