About Our Little Adventure…

Workshop Shot - Luck Dragon in progress

I've always been the creative type... to my detriment, I suppose.  I've never been brave enough to put myself - or my craft out there though.  After years of hiding behind my pencils and glue sticks though, I've decided (with a fair amount of prodding from my better-half) to take the plunge.  Thus - LorishForrest was born.

The Dark Lords Bubble Bath - Poured Acrylic Painting

We have some pretty unique things from dragons and dragon eggs to paintings to magnets and key chains to beautiful jewelry that will dazzle you - all available through Etsy.com.  We also have some designs on Society6.com as well where you can get my paintings put on a comforter                                                                       if you want to!

We are also adding new stuff all the time! Even now, I am swimming in my creative bubble to design some awesome mermaid figurines!  There's always something new so check back often and remember that most of the things I make are completely unique.

Custom Royal Egg
In Flight - Large fairy statue

Got an idea and want to see it come to life? Feel free to share your ideas and we'll see if we can't make it a reality!  We do custom work all of the time and would love to help in creating a piece that is completely you!

We hope you enjoy our site and our designs - thank you for making us a part of your unique story!

Dragon Eye Hair Comb
Fairy and a Pond
Sleeping Luck Gryphon