The Gutter Jesus Goes to College

My friend up north wanted to commemorate her oldest minion going off to college and, lo, there’s no more perfect way than with another Gutter Jesus.

This Gutter Jesus is a bit older though… not quite so emo as the last one but still not afraid to let the freak flag fly. He’s getting ready to go to college clear across the country and can only bring with him what will fit in his yellow bug. His choices are to live with family and have money for fun things like travel and entertainment… or to live on his own and stack up a bunch of debt and strife.  Choices and decisions…. decisions and choices… Florida or Bust.

I have no idea what my friends little decided but I can’t wait for the next milestone! Gutter Jesus get hitched…. Gutter Jesus gets a pet… Gutter Jesus has a baby…. I’m totally picturing a belly with a hinge and a clasp that opens up with tiny jars of peanut butter and pickles in it… and yeah, Gutter Jesus is a dude so it’s that much more hilarious!  This one was my favorite.  I hope she loved it!



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